Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends: 

   On August 24, 1997 the Third Congress of the International Rinkball Federation that took place in Imatra, Finland has come to the decision to hold the First World Rinkball Championship in Russia, with eight participating teams from Finland, Sweden, USA, Switzerland, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and Russia. The Championship will be held on August 2-7, 1998. Omsk as a leading rinkball centre of Russia was unanimously chosen to be the host city of the Championship.
   The history of rinkball development in Russia dates back to 1990 with unofficial tournaments between Russian and Finnish teams. Today 10 regions of Russia are the participants of the Fifth Russia Championship.
   The World Championship in Omsk is sure to promote further rinkball popularization and development in Russia.
   At present the preparation for this event is in full swing, the construction of a unified ice-hockey module with artificial ice has begun.
   The citizens of Omsk will do their best to make the participants and guests of the Championship feel at home in our city.

Welcome to the World Rinkball Championship in Omsk!

President of the International
Rinkball Federation,
Mayor of Omsk Valery Roshchupkin